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Online Nutrition Wellness Package

Online Nutrition Wellness Package

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This package includes a personalised and thorough assessment on you, your health, your lifestyle and wellbeing.

- I will gather and analyse your personal nutritional and health needs as well as your lifestyle choices and mental wellbeing with an extensive questionnaire.

- I will analyse your current nutritional intake and suggest changes that may be necessary.

- We will discuss any goals that you may have.

- I will recommend a plan of action, providing you with the details of the ongoing support that will be provided and potential costs associated.

- I will supply you with a print out including nutritional and lifestyle advice and recommendations.

- I will provide you a 1 day meal plan tailored to your needs.

- I will advise you of any supplement recommendations if necessary and any referrals that may be needed.

- 10% off all supplements purchased within 2 weeks after you receive your plan.



Please do not purchase this package if any of the below apply to you

* Pregnant or breastfeeding

* Under 16 years old

* Been medically diagnosed with an eating disorder

* Have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus

* Have been diagnosed with coeliac disease

* Have been diagnosed with cancer

* Have been diagnosed with renal disease

* Ever had bariatric surgery

* Have a formal diagnosis of IBS, IBD, diverticulitis or bowel obstruction

* Have thyroid disease

* Are taking prescribed medication for blood pressure , cardiovascular disease or cholesterol. 

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