Learn about me & what I can do for YOU!

Hi There! I'm Dominique - Mother of 5, Massage Therapist and Nationally Recognised Nutritionist.

I am passionate about helping others, and love seeing their quality of life improve through massage and nutrition. 

As a mum of 5, I understand the struggle of being tired, overwhelmed and not always making the healthiest choices, because sometimes you just don't have the mental capacity to plan out what your body needs to give us the energy to get through the day, and instead we eat what is easy and convenient. 

I believe that maintaining good nutritional habits can be made easy with education, balance and flavour! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or time consuming. You want to enjoy the foods you are eating, while still feeling like you are nourishing your body.

Your wellness journey shouldn't feel overwhelming, and you don't need to cut out all of your favourite foods to be 'healthy'. I want you to feel excited about the journey. I can help you build a healthy relationship between yourself and food, as well as exploring and working towards your goals together over time to create lifestyle changes and new habits that will stay. We can work together to identify your specific needs and goals, allowing me to provide you with detailed nutritional advice as well as meal plans specific to your needs. 


My battles with mental health had encouraged me to research and learn so much about the effects our diet can have on our bodies and minds. While I had always loved cooking and trying delicious foods, it wasn't until I was faced with these challenges that I began to learn more and see just how big of an impact food has on your overall health. The more I read, the more I become inspired to learn more and use this information to help others. This is what lead me to undergo my Certificate 4 in Nutrition, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Health & Wellness Coach. 

I work with clients one on one. Appointments are held in my office or online. Home visits can also be arranged as well as meeting at a park or café. Being flexible enables my clients to still embark on their nutritional journey even when they are restricted with family and work commitments.


Nationally Recognised and Registered with the Nutrition Council Australia.