{ A healthy outside starts from the inside }


Good nutrition is essential for good health. All nutrients we absorb have a different roll within the body for a number of different functions.

You should have a healthy intake of macronutrients and micronutrients – this will change for each individual as we all require different needs. Calcium and potassium are essential for the cells communicating, Proteins are responsible for the production of some hormones including neurotransmitters! Staying hydrated is necessary for the reproductive capability of cells and keep your digestive system working well for best nutrient absorption.

Fitness & Health - Are they the same?

Although health is to be free of injury or illness, it also has many dimensions. To be in good health you need to pay attention to your physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional health.

Fitness is only one contributor to your overall health. Fitness isn’t only to be in good physical shape, but for your body to be able to accomplish a variety of sports, work duties and everyday activities. To achieve good fitness, you need to exercise, have ample rest and eat a healthy, nutritious diet. If any of the dimensions of health are weakening, this can have a direct impact on one or more of the other dimensions of health.


How non-nutritional factors may be affecting your health

Let's take a look at some of the non-nutritional factors you may not realise are impacting your health. 


Some environmental factors may have a direct impact on your health. Some of these factors include health services, food access and physical environments 


Have you got fresh foods readily available in your local area? Studies have shown that some communities with lower incomes and lower education levels may not have access to healthier food options that are easily accessible to them making it an easier option, and in some cases - cheaper, to eat unhealthy foods such as take away more often than eating a healthy meal.


Low income, lack of transportation options and living in rural areas have all been linked to poorer health outcomes. The inability to access health care centers and hospitals are all limited to these individuals as are some services that might be absent in smaller medical centers. Individuals on a higher income generally take out private health insurance making the services easily accessible which enables the prevention or early treatment of many diseases.


Not having access to safe drinking water, clean toxic free air, safe housing, safe communities, roads and a healthy workplace may just increase your risk for poorer health. Workplace bullying and domestic violence are both examples of an unhealthy home and workplace - issues like these may cause a lack of motivation along with poor self-esteem potentially causing mental illness or poor health choices.


Education & it's effect on your health!



How much do you know and understand about health? Some individuals may be making the wrong choices simply to a lack of not knowing. Without the correct education, it could be hard for someone to know how to choose the right foods to nourish their body. They may not know what amount of exercise is healthy for them, and they may not understand the damage smoking and excessive drinking can do to their health.


Prevention is better than cure!


Preventing potential onset of disease or chronic illness could help you live a longer, healthier life.

Curative health is nothing short of amazing - treating medical conditions that have a negative effect on someone's health, BUT what if that disease was completely avoidable! That's where preventative health comes in. By choosing healthy lifestyle choices with exercise and a nutritious intake of healthy foods that will help to build your immune system you have the potential to stop some unwanted medical conditions and feel feel great at the same time.



~ Prerequisite Screening for Nutrition Consultation - FREE

Prior to booking your initial nutrition consultation, you will be emailed 3 forms upon request - 

- Client consent form
- Risk stratification screening tool
- Client questionnaire

These forms will determine if we are the appropriate health professionals for your needs, or, if we need to write a referral for you to see another suitable health professional.


~ Initial Nutrition Assessment & Consultation - $110

The initial consultation will be focused on gathering and analysing your personal nutritional and health needs as well as gaining a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes.

We will create a realistic personalised plan of action together, providing you with the details of the ongoing support that will be provided and potential costs associated with the plan.

After the consultation, your nutritionist will take the information and thoroughly assess it before making any recommendations for supplementation or designing a meal plan.


~ Follow Up Nutrition Consultation - $60

~ Food Diary Analysis & 1 Week Meal Plan - $95

~ Food Diary Analysis & 1 Day Meal Plan - $70